About me:

I dub thee a life of everyone trying to say and spell your name correctly for the rest of your life (Irish people excluded).  The name is Roisin (pronounced Ro-Sheen) which is of Irish and Celtic heritage. I will forgive you for thinking it was something completely wrong...I get it all the time.

I am a girl who loves photography, music, fashion, travelling, writing, drawing, reading, movies and TV shows and pretty much anything sports related (pretty much does not mean everything). So basically there is a lot of things that I like, I'm not making it easy for you - or am I, there is a whole long list of things we can talk about now. Online the big wide web you can find me most of the time on Instagram. When I'm not working my full time job I like to be outside as much as possible - ok like 80% of the time.

TheSimpleMoment is my online persona so aside from twitter it's something you can look at to find what other kinds of internet hubs I'm stalking which will most likely be Tumblr.




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Roisin (Ro-Sheen) | Spencer <-- I go by either.
Welcome to my life, the moments I choose to share. I have studied Graphic Design & Fashion business in my 24 years of life. It's not uncommon to see me walking about with either a pen in hand or a camera.